Wm P. Kamp's Resume

12904 Hamlet Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Work: 952-681-9947
Resume online at http://www.wmpkamp.com/resume.html

Troubleshooting C++ centered DataDoctor with excellent people skills looking for technically challenging projects that are in trouble. A mathematician that is experienced in C, C++, C#, SQL, Java Script, PERL, OO PHP, PYTHON, LAMP, ASP.Net, Broadvision, Cold Fusion. I apply data design and programming skills to various projects listed below. Founder of five different companies. Currently an independent consultant. Well versed in solving data integration problems and with multi-media issues.






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Used in projects: XML, Edi, Perl, SqlServer, MySql, Oracle, Db2, Apache, PHP, C++, VB, ADO, IDL, Java, JavaScript, IE Explorer, Netscape, Cold Fusion, and Broadvision.


1999-2001: Project/Technical Lead, C++, in at the Federal Agricultural Bank in St. Paul. Their E-Commerce site, used BroadVision, DB2, IPlanet, and Oracle. Used C++, Perl, scripting, Java, JavaScript, CLI, Unix, SQL, W2K, MVS, and Novell in the project. Authored the world's first automatic BroadVision database synchronization tool. Wrote an automatic web site monitoring package that paged whenever there was a database or web site problem. Wrote a web site building/authoring system in Novell/Perl/C++ now being used by 17 banks to maintain their websites.

1998-1999 Project Lead/Developer, C++, for American Express (now Ameriprise), specializing in Internet/DB/Mainframe, graphical computing and interactive applications. Expert in Client/Server work, particularly in Unix and NT world. Currently specializing in Microsoft Visual IDE environment including C++, DCOM, ASP, VbScript, IIS, SQL, and Java (Microsoft and Sun Microsystems versions). Linux literate. Especially competent in areas of Unix/PC inter/intranet computing and multi-media database. Recent projects included writing SQL and HTML generators, ASP/DCOM to mainframe middle-ware, and tuning network, db (Sybase, Informix, DB2, and SQLServer7) website applications. Most recent tuning, using queuing theory, reduced the website footprint from 200 NT machines to 1 NT machine, while improving performance and response time by a factor of 10.

Completed a Perl/SqlServer integration and implementation of a large, daily updated data base of e-mail monitoring software for Synergy, and Control Data Systems spinoff. Used SqlServer/ColdFusion/Perl/Solaris.

1998: Owner/C++ Developer: Completed a commercial MAC/PC software product called "ElectroMagnetic Poetry," now available in stores and on the Internet, www.emagpoe.com. This product is a computer version of the popular Magnetic Poetry refrigerator tiles. It has received favorable reviews in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, etc. Also wrote HDTV based multi-media NT file system used by TV networks. I rewrote the SGI based system for Windows NT, and implemented a bandwidth solution for High-Definition TV.

1997: Owner/CIO: Co-Founded my fifth company, ElectroMagnetic Poetry. Wrote an Informix/HTML/PC/MAC/Unix multimedia system for Target that tracks advertiser data and pictures. Wrote a HTML/Java multimedia NT based system used to track military satellite data, which is used in various war-rooms. This system allowed remote retrieval of data by field operatives and officers using a disbursed CCC technology.
Consulted with a Keck telescopes in the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii on security issues.

1996-1997: C++ Developer/Project Lead: Wrote efficient mathematical imaging solutions for super computers for Fujisti and Western Geophysics (now Schlumberger). This resulted in a sale of a supercomputer to the world's largest private data processing firm. Reviewed and critiqued all of this company's seismic processing software.

1996: C++ Project Lead: Co-Founder Scientific CD Movies, a company dedicated to the delivery of Three Dimensional Animation of Scientific Data on CDROM, www.scdm.com. The CDís can be played on PCís, Macís, and UNIX machines. Customers included Exxon, Shell, Mobil Research and several petroleum service companies.

1993-1995: President Insight Access Group: Founded in 1993 to use the techniques of Object Oriented Programming the areas of Visualization, Network Access, and Data Storage. Customers include Exxon Production Research and Shell Oil. The company was sold to Scientific CD Movies, listed above.

1990-1992: President, Interactive Network Technologies. Formed the INT company with Olivier Lhemann in 1990. I remained a principal owner and board member. The company was formed to sell workstation software first to the Petroleum and later to the greater scientific community. Applications include Seismic, Well logging, and mapping tools. This multi-million dollar company is at least doubling revenue and profits each year, and continues to thrive. Customers include virtually all of the major petroleum companies, government agencies such as Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, and several major service companies.

Ph.D. Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, University of Minnesota.

Established a condition for existence of electrons in a hydrogen atom. GPA:3.97/4.

Bachelors of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, with distinction.