In file Mt.d:

void MtVectorSmooth

(float a[], I32 ia, float b[], float c[],
  I32 ic, I32 na, I32 msmmmm, I32 ityp)

Smooth a vector using one of several methods.


Smooth a vector using one of several methods.
a - : input array
ia - : increment for a
b - : work buffer of length: msmmmm. used only for median smoothing if ityp is 4, then b has weights for smoothing and must be as I32 as a and with same increment ia
c - : output array
ic - : increment for c
na - : number of points in a
msmmmm - : smoother length
ityp - : smoother type: 1 = box car 2 = triangular 3 = median 4 = weighted smoothing

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